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Welcome to Back Road Travels Australia

This website was created in late 2018 due to a change in life circumstances. It is intended that this website will record the adventures of James Doyle whilst on back road travels in Australia. The website will provide stories from the road, some learnt over many years of 4×4 travel and some new aventures.

Having traveled the back roads of Australia extensively over nearly forty years and having many adventures along the way, I hope the articles on the back road travels website will encourage you to find your own adventures and experience the wonderful country, we call Australia.. On the back road travels website you will find many different articles and resources covering topics such as Stories From The Road, links to check Road Conditions & Closures, Travel Tips & Techniques, and Reviews, just to name a few. You will also find the back road travels store, where you can purchase location guides & maps to help you plan and navigate to your next adventure. Or if you want to learn more about natural history, I have a range of natural history guides & books in the store.

Where will your next adventure take you?

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